Travelling by Air

Most visitors coming from overseas choose to fly by private charter as there is an airstrip 1km from Shoebill Island Camp. (S11.96800 E 030.25473)

The flight from Lusaka will take you about  2hours, one hour from Mfuwe in the Luangwa, and about one hour from Ndola.

The flight between Kasanka and Shoebill Island takes just 20 minutes and is very scenic!

Flights can be booked through Skytrails, whic his the local charter company which has planes based at the airstrips in both Kasanka and Shoebill. You can visit their website or email or to book your flights.

Fly-in Routes

See map below for available fly-in routes to Shoebill Island Camp

The SkyTrails Fleet

See below for the fleet of plane used to fly to Shoebill Island



Our PA 31 – Piper Chieftain has capacity of 1 crew and 8 passengers. With a range of 885 nm this is a wonderful aircraft for a larger group or for business-trips with our club seating.


C 172

The C172 Hawk XPII accommodates 1 crew and 3 passengers with a range of 600nm.


C 337

The twin-engined C337 Skymaster suits 1 crew and 5 passengers with a range of 900nm.


C 206

The Cessna 206 Skywagon can accommodate 1 crew and 5 passengers and has a range of 600nm. Excellent for transport into remote bushstrips

Flight Details and Prices

See below for available flight times and prices

Planes Passengers Lus - Kas Kas - Shoe Lus - Shoe Bangweulu Low Level Kas - Mfuwe Shoe - Mfuwe Lus - Mfuwe
C 172 3 pax USD 1 700 USD 570 USD 1950 USD 225 USD 1000 USD 1190 USD 1950
C 337 5 pax  POR  POR  POR  POR  POR  POR  POR
C 206 5 pax USD 2000 USD 670 USD 2300 USD 300 USD 1160 USD 1400 USD 2300
Chieftain 7 pax USD 2800  POR  POR  POR USD 1600  POR USD 3220
Robinson 44 Heli 3 pax USD 3000 USD 800 USD 3450 USD 400/td> USD 1700 USD 2400 USD 4000