ZAMBIA is something of an emerging secret to most of the tourism world. It still has some amazing wilderness areas and spectacular wildlife to see.

The Kasanka Trust specialises in arranging tours to the Northern half of the country including (but not exclusively), Kasanka, Bangweulu, North and South Luangwa, Luambe, Shiwa Ngandu, Kapishya Hot Springs, Mutinondo Wilderness, Lavushi Manda, and all the local attractions in these areas such as Nsalu Caves, Kundalila Falls, Lake Wakawaka, The Livingstone Memorial. We can often advise you about other destinations in Zambia and neighbouring countries if you contact us.

We are also well placed and equipped to arrange your transfers by road or by air between these destinations from the moment you arrive in Zambia to the moment you leave.

On this page you’ll find information on How to reach Zambia, when to visit, suggested itineraries and routes, self driving, air charters versus road transfers, stopping along the way, health advice, packing information, and a link to contact us with any questions or to make a booking.

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