About Kasanka National Park

Kasanka National Park is situated south of Bangweulu Wetlands and combines very well with a visit to Shoebill Island Camp. Kasanka offers some of the most diverse and unique wildlife encounters in Africa. Probably at the forefront of this list would be the annual Bat Migration where up to 10 million straw-coloured fruit bats come to roost and feed in Kasanka between the end of October and the middle of December. However, outside of this extraordinary mammal migration, Kasanka offers some of the best and most consistent viewing of sitatunga – a notoriously shy antelope – in Southern Africa. There are also unique viewing opportunities of Kinda baboons, blue monkeys and various other antelope species. The birding in Kasanka is also unbelievable! Outside of raptors like Crowned and Martial eagles, there are incredibly unique bird species like Ross’s turaco, Bohm’s bee-eaters, wattled cranes and many more. A truly unique wilderness experience that compliments wildlife regions like the South Luangwa that have higher densities of more mainstream species.

Bangweulu and Kasanka
Map of Kasanka and Shoebill (Click image to full in full size)

  • Getting from Shoebill Island to Kasanka
  • Highlights of visiting Kasanka
  • Accommodation in Kasanka
To drive from Kasanka National Park to Shoebill Island Camp will take you approximately 5 -6 hours (see map on the left). There is also the option to fly as there is an airstrip located in both Kasanka National Park and the Bangweulu Wetlands. If you have any further questions, you can email us at res@shoebillislandcamp.com or else visit Driving to Kasanka or Flying to Kasanka for more information.
As mentioned above, Kasanka is primarily known for the Bat Migration which happens each year from October to end of November. Another special highlight when visiting Kasanka would be having clear and multiple sightings of one of Africa’s rarest animals – the swamp dwelling sitatunga. Kasanka is also known to be a birders paradise with hundreds of birds species on offer to see - for birding more information and to download the Kasanka Birding list, visit Site the Birding Specials on the Kasanka Website. Other activities at Kasanka include Finding the Blue Monkey and Kinda Baboon, taking part in the annual Kasanka Cycle Challenge, Exploring Lavushi Manda National Park and even visiting the Nsalu Caves
There are two lodges situated in Kasanka National Park - Wasa Lodge and Luwombwa Lodge. There are also 5 camping sites to choose from. For more information on the various accommodation options at Kasanka, visit http://kasankanationalpark.com/plan/accommodation/.  

Other Experiences

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