About ‘Shoebill Trekking’

‘Shoebill Treks’ are an absolute must when visiting Shoebill Island, as the guides are determined to get their guests a shoebill sighting, no matter what it takes! Gumboots are provided but a sense of adventure and humour are recommended as well! Many of our guests have touted the Bangweulu Wetlands as the best place in Africa to see Shoebill and deliver some of the most consistent sightings. The management of the Bangweulu Wetlands ensures that nests are strictly controlled and monitored and the sighting records speak for themselves.


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March through to June offer an amazing watering wilderness for the adventurous with Shoebills often visible right from camp! 'Shoebill Treks' during this time of the year are most commonly pursued through the dugout banana boats and as you are poled about the watery pans and channels, you can expect some phenomenal birding and not just for the Shoebill either so a really worthwhile and unique safari activity. The activities usually take place in the morning after a full, cooked breakfast leaving the afternoons free for other activities.
EAlthough Gumboots are provided, you may well find your own pair of comfortable waterproof boots or shoes more enjoyable – especially during the months of August to December when the treks can take a few hours across marshy terrain. A hat and suncream as well as insect repellent may also be useful and from a photography point of view, long lenses with tripods or monopods are very useful in capturing the once off moment.
Wildlife enthusiasts, birders, adventure folk with a bucketlist and photographers. A truly unique experience in a very different part of Africa and a lovely activity to add variety on the standard African safari and something that would probably remain in the memory banks for a long time!

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