What makes this experience so special?

Witnessing 100’000 black lechwe anywhere would be worthwhile but to have them spread out before across the deck flat Bangweulu plains is quite incredible.Sitting in amongst the herds at sunset as they make their way to the swamps off the plains with a G & T in hand is something very special and of course, watching them cross the flooded water in the mornings is also a site to behold. These black lechwe are endemic to the area but it is the sheer number of them set against a backdrop of wide open skies and plains that stretch to the horizon that completes the picture. Photographers are quite likely to capture a most stunning image of these Black lechwe in the Bangweulu Wetlands and the sightings available are numerous!

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The first hour of sunrise and the last hour of sunset produces the most amazing shots and visiting the Bangweulu Wetlands over winter will increase the chances of witnessing the herds of black lechwe moving through chest deep water with early morning mist rising off the water from the previous night’s chill. Their habitual movements from the plains into the swamps and back make for incredible sounds during the night as well.
All wildlife lovers and photographers should experience this at least once and combined with a Shoebill trek, makes for a mini East African experience!
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